As my second major, watching films and producing short film/video contribute to one important part of my life. By producing, script writing, directing, filming, and editing, I involved in a variety of video/short film project and practiced comprehensive skills and aesthetic tastes.
a Polaroid like shop
Documentary Short
Chinese Barber - Coming Soon
Chinese Barber
May 2022
Chinese Barber is a 15-minute (tentative) documentary short that observes the daily operations of Fashion Salon, a barbershop located in downtown Madison, Wisconsin run by a Chinese Barber Mrs. Chen Xuan that provides various Asian style haircuts to the local students and residents. Following Mrs. Chen’s life as a barber and a wife from a completely different country, this documentary will try to unveil how Chinese immigrants try to fit themselves into a foreign country and how they contribute to the diversity of the local community.
May 2021
Rhinoceros in Love is a famous Chinese modern love tragedy directed by Jinghui Meng. It features stream-of-consciousness lines and scenic design, with the pioneering idea of expressing the spark and gloom of a young pair. To reproduce such a great theatrical work under the physical constraints, we rehearsed and recorded the play via Zoom where actors and staff were isolated around the world. By deliberate conceive of screen layout and editing tricks, we tried our best to connect the interactions between characters on the screen.
Oct 2020
“Smiling depression” is a subset of depression disorder that the patients cover their depression by superficial happiness and it’s oblivious to others that he or she may suffer from huge emotional fluctuation. In this short PSA, I present such a protagonist with smiling depression who experiences a flood of emotion when she is alone. Filmed by iPhone Xr with ProTake.
June 2019
When memory becomes illusion, and illusion becomes reality, will you feel cured, or will you be frightened. Shot by Sony FX5.